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All Dogs Go To Hell

By Cara Ehlenfeldt and Jonesy Jones

Drunk Steve played by Jonesy Jones
Grandma Karen played by Amy Giacomucci
Cousin Robin played by Sam Mauceri
Patrick as Himself
Confused Interviewer played by Cara Ehlenfeldt

Special thanks to Thee Fish Bowl pet store

Music Credits:
Manele by Blue Dot Sessions (
Twitch FS by Blue Dot Sessions (
Dog Politics by Elvis Herod
Tinny Whistle by Elvis Herod
Eggs! Toast! Gas! Fish! by Elvis Herod
Absolute Pressure by gunctrl
Time Passing I by David Hilowitz
Fishgods by Fourmi
The Beginning or the End by Nicholas Mackin

Sound Credits:
“Bees” by Benboncan: 
“Tape Static Uniform” by unfa:
“independent pink noise” by NoiseCollector: 
“Bird Cage Sounds.wav” by 15050_Francois: 
“Ferret” by J.Zazvurek: 
“eating tomato.wav” by drotzruhn: 
“Neighborhood ambiance birds chirping, wind.wav” by speedygonzo: 
“car door slam” by theshaggyfreak: 
“shuffling papers 1.WAV” by paulmessier: 
“Bubbling, Large, A.wav” by InspectorJ: 
“Wet_Slaps.mp3” by HerbertBoland: 
“VHS Cassette Eject” by MrAuralization:


Special Report: Wolfing

Written by Megan Lubin, directed by Jonesy Jones, and sound designed by Cara Ehlenfeldt
Based on the fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

Performed by Maya Armstrong, Jonesy Jones, and Megan Lubin, with additional voices by Philipp Gaissert, Amy Giacomucci, and members of the Fall 2018 Audio Drama class at Northwestern University

Sound Credits:
“screaming kids.WAV” by inchadney:
“Indoor Swimming Pool Ambience.wav” by AryaNotStark: 
“Splash, Jumping, G.wav” by InspectorJ: 
“falling shoe boxes 1.wav” by fresco: 
“Censored Beep Sound” by Mastercard: 
“whistle.aiff” by patobottos:

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