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Snow Dog

It's the first snow of winter! You are a dog! Time to play!

Pack down all the snow on the driveway before your owner, Steve, can shovel it up.

Created for The Advent Project in 2019 with Cara Ehlenfeldt.

Download here.


Fibonacci's Sequencer

A prototype created in a month for Digital Music Instrument Deisgn at Northwestern, Fibonacci's Sequencer is both an instrument and a game. Programmed in Max/MSP and Javascript, and controlled by Arduino.


The Holiday Tour

A festive look into a post-capitalist future. Created for The Advent Project in 2020, with co-creator Cara Ehlenfeldt.

Khoda: Originally by Reza Dolatabadi.

Wrapped: Originally by Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper & Florian Wittmann.

Re-imagined sound design for existing animations, created as projects for Sound and Animation at Northwestern.

Music and Sound Art

I periodically release new music and sound art on my Bandcamp page, here.

Other Projects

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